Autosave for Business

Boost sales

Gain more customers by exposing your business to the community of proactive car owners who are searching to book a service based on the distance, price and reviews. Provide on-demand mobile mechanical and emergency services to Autosave users using our location-based booking system.

Appointment organiser

Autosave provides an easy to use, flexible booking calendar for internal and external bookings that saves and stores clients’ details for the future appointments.

Fair reviews

A user will only be able to leave a review if they have actually used your services, this way your rating will be a true representation of your business.

Price transparency

Monitor prices that other businesses charge for their services. Give your customers price transparency via breaking down their invoice by material and labour cost used through Autosave Marketplace.

Client retention

Gain regular customers benefiting from the Autosave loyalty program. Increate your Autosave rating and business visibility! Receive points for every job done through Autosave and exchange them free advertisement.

Join the community

Register your business on right now to benefit from a 12-month Autosave subscription completely free of charge as soon as the service is launched. Note: the free subscription only applies to pre-registered business accounts.

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