How does it work?


When Autosave is launched, as a business you will have full access to your account where you will be able to add the menu of services provided, photographic examples and your availability.


Users will see all registered garages on a map in their area and all services and prices for them. They can either go into an individual garage and screen their services or they can chose a service and they will see a list of garages in their area who provide it. They will be able to filter by distance, price and rating.

Booking Process

When a customer choses the garage and a service they would like to go for they will chose a time, the garage will receive the notification that needs to be accepted, then the user will pay 10% deposit to secure the booking. Autosave keeps £5 or 10% of the deposit as a fee per booking, the rest is transferred to the garage. The user is able to cancel the booking 24 hours before the slot, otherwise the deposit is non-refundable.


Every successful job done through Autosave will be followed by an honest review by our users. The quality that you provide as a business will be rewarded by high rating and this will attract even more customers!